Neurons To Nirvana: Understanding Psychedelic Medicines

There is definitely a rise in popularity in regards to the amazing medicinal use that psychedelics have to offer.  Personally, a psychedelic plant medicine saved my life!  Before I did my research and learned just how amazing these medicines are, and what they can do, I always turned away to the use of "drugs."  I thought all drugs were created equal, and they were all equally "addictive and life-ruining."  

After opening myself up to additional resources, testimonials and information, I learned about the many uses, stories of people they have helped, as well as medical studies that have been and are being done.  By no means am I advocating the use of illegal substances, especially on your own.  Iboga is not legal in the United States, so I traveled to Costa Rica and used the medicine in a controlled setting  at center that is trained to administer the plant, with a medical doctor on site.  I think if you are interested in using a psychedelic in a medicinal way, you should use it in a legal, controlled setting.  Set, setting and intention are the most important parts of getting the medicinal benefits.  You should also be extremely knowledgeable of the medicine and know it inside and your homework!

If you are interested in starting some research, this is a great documentary that I really enjoyed that provides some great information regarding the understanding of psychedelic medicines.  Let me know what you think after you watch it! 

Neurons To Nirvana: Understanding Psychedelic Medicines


***New Update 6/22/17!  I just finished a book, "Healing With Iboga" about experience with iboga!  It includes information about what iboga is, my experience, and my tips to make the most of your experience as well as how to integrate back into everyday life!  Available in paperback or kindle!***