Himalayan Salt Lamps & Negative Ions

I have a recent new obsession: Himalayan Salt Lamps.

I've known about these for a while, but there are SO many great ideas and products out there, and I am a firm believer that we will come into contact them when the time is right.  Well, my time has come for these salt lamps.  I finally looked them up to see what they were all about and I know have a lamp in my bedroom, home office, living room, and two votive holders in my kitchen and tv room.

How do they work?

Well, here's the basic gist.  When the Himalayan salt lamps become heated by the bulb or candle, they begin to release negative ions.   An ion is a molecule that does NOT have an equal amount of protons and electrons, leaving it with a positive or negative charge.  Negative ions have more electrons than protons.  Negative ions are created in nature by water (ocean, waterfalls, etc.), air and sunlight.  You know that amazing, calm feeling you have after you leave the beach?  That is from the negative ions!  Positive ions on the other hand are things like mold, pollen, dust, bacteria, tvs, microwaves, etc.  

The goods news is that positive ions have more protons than electrons, and when positive ions and negative ions come together, they neutralize!  Well, isn't that amazing!  So essentially, the negative ions that salt lamps emit, are neutralizing the positive ions in the surrounding area.

Many articles claim that these lamps improve mood, sleep, neutralize electromagnetic radiation, purify the air, reduce asthma and allergy symptoms, reduce stress, increase energy and more.  These are a lot of great benefits!  However, I wouldn't just buy a salt lamp and hope for it to cure all of your problems.  You must do the inward work as well! 

In one article I read, it mentions it's really hard to test exactly the benefits these salt lamps are giving because you don't know exactly how many ions the lamp is giving off without it being tested.  As I mentioned earlier, I have several salt lamps in my house, and the biggest benefit that I've noticed is that I have felt more calm.  Who know if this is coming from the lamps, or I've just been improving on my feeling of calmness.  I would argue both.  Regardless, I enjoy the warm soft glow, and I really do believe that the negative ions are helping to neutralize dust, mold, electronic pollution and other positive ions.  Perhaps "trusting" that they work is part of it. :)

Dr. Mercola is an osteopathic physician and a source that I generally trust, so if you are looking to find out more detailed information about salt lamps, as well as where to order them, please check out his article about salt lamps here!   He goes into much further detail.  

Let me know if you end up order your own Himalayan salt lamp and if you like it!