100 Qualities For Building Self Esteem

I have the perfect self-loving activity to start off the new year!

Even though I had overcome my anxiety and depression with iboga, I realized a few months ago that I still had low self esteem.  I was shocked when I realized it!  I had overcome my self-loathing and the majority of my insecurities, but I didn't even realize that my self-esteem was not nearly where I thought it was, or where I wanted it to be!

It was after a handwriting analysis that I did with my hypnotherapist, Mee Vaj, that the light went off.  She said my handwriting reflected a low self confidence and low self esteem.  Ok, before you stop reading and think things just got too "woo woo," after contemplating it, I realized she was right.  I was a little surprised to hear this, but these days, I love a good challenge!  Any opportunity to grow, especially one that cultivates self-love....I'm IN!

My homework was to write down 50 qualities I like about myself, with a goal of eventually building the list to 100.  I thought 50 would be easy, but getting to 100 would definitely be a challenge.  

It's really important to write these qualities by hand (not typed), because it will help imprint these ideas into your subconscious.  Being the over-achiever I tend to be at times, I decided to create a "Self Esteem Deck" and write each quality on a flash card.  I cut the cards in half to use less paper and so it wouldn't take up so much space.  I leave the deck on my nightstand and read them out loud every morning.  I've also heard that speaking aloud also helps imprint things into your subconscious as well.  As I read each quality, I take a second to really "feel" and visualize it.

After about a month of doing this, I cannot even believe the improvement in my self-love and self esteem!  Taking the time to write it, speak it, and most of all FEEL it, has made a HUGE difference.  The constant repetition has started to take hold.  The little seeds I have been planting each day now have roots and are growing stronger and stronger every day.  It only takes a few minutes to read through them each morning, and for me, it has been so worth the time.  It is definitely now a part of my morning routine!

Below are a few examples of qualities I wrote.  They can be small and silly too!  They don't have to all be hugely profound.  Just write down ANYTHING you like about yourself!  It helped me to think about my daily routine when I was getting stuck on finding more qualities.  For example, "I'm a good driver" came about when I thought about driving to work in the morning. And lastly, coming up with 100 qualities was not as hard as I thought!  I'm now up to 104!  Start with 50, then jump to 75, and finally to 100.  You can do it!


  • I have long eye lashes
  • I am ambitious
  • I am strong, physically and mentally
  • I have long hair
  • I am a great wife
  • I am a great wedding planner

See!  It's much easier than you think!  Let me know if you make your own self esteem deck and the results you find after reading them every day for 30 days!