Jar of Awesome

Happy 2016!  Here we are with a new year, which will sure to be the best year yet!  

I am super excited to share the new project I am starting for 2016.  It's definitely a fun and easy idea that promotes happiness, positivity, and growth!  It's called the Jar of Awesome!  

It's simple.  All you do is keep the jar somewhere where you (and your family), will see it, with a stack of small pieces of paper nearby.  Every time you create a great memory, have a great experience of growth, or feel something positive, just write it down along with the date and put it in the jar.  That's it! This can include things like...getting a promotion, learning a new perspective, overcoming a challenge, a really fun date night, a great birthday, etc. Anything that you deem to be awesome.

I even got Eric on board with this one!  On New Year's Eve of 2016, we will open the jar and read all of our "awesome" moments of 2016, and reflect on the greatest year yet!

I didn't make my jar fancy at all, but you surely can if you are in the crafty spirit!  I was in the "I just want to get this done" spirit.  I took a 32 oz. mason jar and wrote "2016 Jar of Awesome" in puffy paint.  I also took a stack of printer paper and used a paper cutter to make small pieces to write down our awesome-ness.

My intention behind the Jar of Awesome is to become more present and aware of all of the awesome things in life that we tend to take for granted.  I think it will also serve as a great reminder when we're feeling frustrated or ungrateful, because all we'll have to do is look at the jar and see how full it is to remember how many awesome things we have in our lives.

So who's with me??  Let me know if you want to join me for the 2016 Jar of Awesome!