What Is The Journey Of Self Love?

Welcome to Journey of Self Love!

This is the first post in my blog of self healing.  As you can read in "My Story" I suffered from anxiety, depression and insecurity for about 12 years, and really severe anxiety (panic attacks), depression and self-loathing for about a year and a half before I went to the Iboga Wellness Center in Costa Rica to take a medicine called Iboga (which I plan to post about more in depth!).

Iboga changed my life, but it's not a magic plant that takes everything away.  It's an insanely powerful tool that gave me the new perspective and confidence to overcome the challenges that I face.  I still face challenges, especially old recurring mental patterns that I am correcting, as I work to create new, more positive and healthy patterns.  Happiness, confidence and self love are not things that you acquire and stop cultivating...it is a constant journey to maintain them, and within the journey you discover that you can always continue to go further.  There is always more self-discovery that can be done.

This blog is my outlet to post...

  • Challenges I am working through 
  • Tips and advice I have found that work for me
  • Tools that I am using to work through my challenges
  • Spread awareness about Iboga and other plant medicines
  • Spread more awareness about what anxiety, depression and self-loathing are really about for those who may not understand it
  • And more!

Some of the ideas and posts may seem a bit more "alternative" and "out there," so I hope that you can maintain an open mind for what might cause some cognitive dissonance (mental discomfort that essentially causes you to reject an idea without even considering it).

Iboga has allowed me to finally really be myself without apology and condition, and I realized that self love is the foundation of it all.  I look to forward to continuing my journey of self love by posting about mental, physical, emotional and spiritual topics, as they all play a piece in the puzzle of this journey.

Lastly, as this blog takes a lot of time, as well as money to operate, any donations would be much appreciated to help me maintain it!  50% off of all donations will be given back to the Iboga Wellness Center (to whom I owe my life!), to help provide treatment to those in financial hardship.  Even $1 helps!  The link to donate can be found on the sidebar to the left of this blog or on the "Contact" page.  Thank you in advance!

Sending lots of positivity and love your way!