Monthly Challenge: May 2015

How did you all do with your April challenge?  I'm happy to report I didn't accidentally mess up halfway through the month this time! Haha.  I completed the entire month writing down an old negative, unproductive thought, and replaced it with a more positive, productive one.  I've re-read through them all a few times and plan to read through them every so often as needed!  It felt great to try to purge some of these old patterns and lay the foundation for new ones!  I may even continue to do this when I have negative thoughts pop up from time to time.

So on to May!  I have decided to take on 4 challenges this month! Two physical and two  mental/emotional.   Three are adding something positive, and 1 is something I'd like to remove.

  1. Stretch at least 5 minutes every day
  2. Drink 55+ ounces of water every day (I was doing SO great with this one just before Costa Rica, while I was there, and when I returned home, but I have noticed myself falling off recently!)
  3. Journal every day
  4. No electronics 1 hour before bed

Since these challenges are all very quick, I decided to pile them on and do a few this month!  What are your challenges for May?  Leave them in the comments below, or e-mail them to me!