What Turning 30 Means To Me

Today is my 30th birthday!  30 marks such a milestone in our lives and is an age that many celebrate with gusto.  It seems to be a big deal.  Perhaps because many people believe this is the age that signifies us actually entering into adulthood?  For me, it is so much more.  It is a day that literally brings happy tears to my eyes. 

On the eve of my 29th birthday I attended a wedding industry party at a hotel in Long Beach.  When I arrived to the party, I realized it was on the rooftop. GREAT.  May of 2014 was the absolute low point in my elevator fear.  I really believed that there was absolutely no way I could get in that elevator and ride up 12 floors to the top.  My assistant said it was no big deal, and we could just climb the stairs...she said she needed the exercise any way.  We ended up climbing up 12 flights of stairs, and then back down again at the end of the evening.  I so vividly remember the guilt, shame, embarrassment, and emotional pain I felt by not being able to get in that stupid elevator.  It was awful.  

I made a vow to myself that I would NOT turn 30 living like this.  I would NOT start a new decade of my life by bringing in all of the depression, anxiety, and self-loathing I currently carried.  I worked SO hard the rest of 2014 to ensure I would be better by the time I turned 30.  

Enter iboga.  

My trip to Costa Rica to partake in a psycho-spiritual journey at the Iboga Wellness Center changed my life.  I owe my life to the bark of that African root.  It started my 2015 out with an incredibly positive change.  Most importantly, I can now enter my 30s by not living the life that I once did.  

I achieved my goal of not bringing hell into this new decade, and I could not be happier.