Gaining Mental Strength Through Physical Exercise

Exercise is a key piece to a healthy, happy, balanced life.  Thanks to the movie, Legally Blonde, I think most of us know that exercise creates endorphins, and endorphins make you happy.  There are so many benefits of exercise...we all know this...but there is something I recently gained from exercise that I did not anticipate.

About six weeks ago I started working out with personal trainer, Beau Beavers from Hit It Or Quit It Fitness.  When I got home from Costa Rica, I weighed 104 pounds.  The massive anxiety that left me with a constant stomachache was gone, and I was ready to gain some strength.  I obviously wasn't looking to lose additional weight, but I was looking to gain muscle and become more "fit."  I had played sports and worked out my entire life, and I felt like over the last year, I had become the most out of shape and unfit I had been in my entire life.  Skinny does NOT mean you are in good shape.

I immediately started noticing results in increased energy, muscle weight gain, and overall increased strength and confidence.  I was feeling great...those were the type of results that I was looking for when I started working out with him in the first place.  However, the BEST thing I have received from our time together is something I never expected.  Every session Beau pushes me to my limits.  Each time we workout, as he tells me something that I'm about to do, my automatic reaction was always, "Yeah, right!  I cannot do that!" Haha.  Always.  And guess what?  I ALWAYS do it.  And every time I finish said exercise I am always beaming with pride.  I had NO idea what I was capable of.  Each session is harder than the previous.  The other day I did 500 push ups. WHAT?!  About 425 of them were "girl push ups" ... but still impressive for me.  The time before that he had me jumping onto a box that was twice the height of what I thought I was capable of.  At this point when he tells me to do something that I think is a little crazy, I just do it...because I know I can.

Working out with Beau has not only improved my strength and fitness, but has really helped me breakthrough mental barriers to be able to push myself to my limits.  Breaking through mental limits in the gym has ABSOLUTELY helped me breakthrough mental limits outside of the gym.  When I think I can't do something, I'll remind myself of the time that I squatted 50 pounds more than I weigh or the time I curled 20 pounds...both exercises I never though I would be capable of.

For me, it was tough to breakthrough that mental barrier to push myself to my limits in the gym, which is why a personal trainer has been huge for me!  If you are looking to lose a few pounds, get in better shape, gain some strength, or really prove to yourself how strong you are, I would highly recommend contacting Beau Beavers!  He's a great trainer, has a great personality, and has been such a pivotal part in my continuous healing at home!

Here's his info! 562.810.8406 (Call or Text) / Facebook