Monthly Challenge: June 2015

How did your challenge for May go?  If you remember, I took on four challenges (see here).  Looking back, that was a little over zealous of me.  They all seemed so small and easy, but when life happens, it was extremely hard to keep track of them all!  Half way through the month, I dropped two of them and stuck with stretching for five minutes a day and journaling every day.  Even then, managing two of them was challenging...don't ask me why.  Stretching was the only challenge that I really committed to every day for the month.  Journaling I would miss a day here or there.

I think the old me would have felt like a failure for not completing all four challenges, but the new me forgives myself and loves myself anyway.  That in itself is a win to me, plus I got lots of needed stretching.  I don't do yoga nearly as often as I would like, and I definitely noticed increased flexibility in my ridiculously tight hamstrings.

On to June!  This month I've decided to write a vision statement for my life encompassing my career, relationships, and the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual states I would like to be in.  My challenge is to read my vision statement every morning when I wake up and every night before I go to sleep, and spend five minutes a day visualizing my life as if I am already living it.  This is one I can see myself forgetting to do, so I'll definitely be setting myself a reminder on my phone!

How did your May challenge go?  What is your challenge for June?