Finding Strength From Your Low Points

Somehow earlier today I found myself in the parking of The Habit crying, clenching a greasy bag of fast food, eating a disgusting burger, and mayonnaise on my face.  For a moment, well, several moments I felt ashamed.  Even my dog my looked like he was ashamed of me from the passenger's seat.  While it really doesn't matter how I got to this point (that's an interesting story if you'd care to hear it), what matters is that by the time I drove out of the parking lot, I felt uplifted and grateful for what had just happened.

I was able to channel such a "low point" into a positive opportunity for growth.  About a million negative thoughts came into my mind that I had to consistently fight off.  I should be working,  I'm wasting time, I'm eating fast food, I'm a loser, etc. etc.  As each thought popped into my mind I recognized it as false and told myself these things were not true.  I reminded myself to trust the process of the universe and my journey, and that this is happening because it needs to.  I spent a lot of time thinking, cried a lot, and realized that I was need in of a major purge in emotional energy.  After realizing that, I was grateful for the series of events that led me to The Habit parking lot in the first place, to allow me to receive the healing I needed.

The universe will give you what you need, you just need to trust it.  So with any low point you face, remember to trust the universe and the process.  Also remember to be thankful for the tough energy and embrace it.  Lastly, see what you can learn from the situation and do NOT beat yourself up over it.  Everyone has been in there.

So next time you find yourself alone in a parking lot crying with mayonnaise on your face, you can drive out of that parking lot feeling like you've lost your dignity, or you can drive out of the parking lot being grateful for what just happened.  The choice is yours.  It will be hard to choose the path of gratitude at first.  Today it took me three hours. YES. THREE HOURS.  But I did it, I'm feeling strong and proud, and I had a wonderful rest of the day, so in my opinion...100% nailed it :)