Monthly Challenges: September 2015

I somehow completely missed my August challenge of the month.  I'm quite certain the old me would have felt like a failure, and been disappointed in myself.  Ever since practicing reiki every day, it has become much more difficult for me to get emotionally riled up over small things.  I look at everything as it was meant to be according the universe.  August was a very busy month for me for work, so perhaps the universe thought it wouldn't be in my best interest to take on additional responsibilities at that time.  Regardless, it's September 1st and I'm ready for another challenge.

My challenge this month is to stretch for at least five minutes every day.  I have had a very stiff neck and back the last few months, which I believe is resulting from my efforts to maintain a better posture.  I have always had pretty poor posture, and I think my back and neck muscles are going through some major adjustments!  I keep telling myself that I need to stretch, but somehow I always make an excuse not to.  Therefore, I'm committing myself to stretching every day this month to see if it helps improve the stiffness in my neck!

What challenge will you take on for this month??