10 Things That Can Lead To Regret

Gosh, it's been a little while since I last posted!  I've been brainstorming some great topics and can't wait to get back in the swing of posting more often!  I can't remember where I originally found this article, but it listed ten things that can end up leading to regret, resentment and negative energy in your life.  Starting today, work on being more conscious of these scenarios and work to break through the cycle!

  1. Wearing a mask to impress others
  2. Letting someone else create your dreams for you
  3. Keeping negative company
  4. Being selfish and egotistical
  5. Avoiding change and growth
  6. Giving up when the going gets touch
  7. Trying to micromanage everything little thing
  8. Settling for less than you deserve
  9. Endlessly waiting until tomorrow
  10. Being lazy and wishy-washy

I just printed this list and put it on my "healing" cork board at home to bring them to the forefront of my brain!