10 Things to Eliminate To Improve Your Life by Collective Evolution

I have another post I want to share from Collective Evolution!  I would definitely recommend subscribing to their site :)

This post includes 10 things we should eliminate from our lives for better health.  I was really excited to see that I have already eliminated most of the things on the list...and trust me, they have helped tremendously!  Below is their list, but be sure to click here to read the full article that includes the "why."  For me, understanding WHY I do avoid or practice certain habits makes me way more likely to stick to it!

Full Article Here!! 

  1. Artificial Sweeteners
  2. Electronic Devices - I REALLY need to work on reducing this one!
  3. Pesticides
  4. Personal Care Products*
  5. Commercial Cleaning Products*
  6. Air Fresheners
  7. Plastic Food Containers & Bottles
  8. Processed Meats
  9. Sitting In Your Chair - I need improvement on this!  Bringing my dog to work really helps, as I get up and play with him and take him for short walks throughout the day!
  10. Stress and Negativity

*I'm slowly but surely adding the recipes to the products I use, so be sure to check back often!