Body After Baby: Part 1

I am officially on the road to my pre-pregnancy body!  It was rewarding the first time I lost 30 pounds after changing my lifestyle, and I am really looking forward to putting in the work to do it again.  I know it's not going to always be easy, and there will come those dreaded plateaus, but I always love a good challenge and reaping the pride that comes with the results!

This is my first post in my "Body After Baby" journey and I honestly have no idea how long it will take to get back into my pre-pregnancy pants!  I am exclusively breastfeeding which I hear uses a lot of energy, but at the same time, I am eating SO MUCH FOOD.  I follow a paleo/ketogenic/whole food/organic lifestyle....a mix of all of those, and when I originally adopted this lifestyle I lost 30 pounds over the course of seven months.

Here's my stats below:

  • Pre-Pregnancy Weight: 107
  • Last Day of Pregnancy Weight: 162
  • TOTAL WEIGHT GAIN: 55 pounds
  • Current Weight Loss: 34 pounds as of 1/23/17
  • Pounds Left: 21.  Although, I am not going to be set on that number.  My body and needs may be different than they were before I got pregnant.  I know when my body hits its homeostasis, so we'll just what that is when I get there! :)

The first 25 pounds came off easily...this is what I call the freebie weight.  The baby, placenta, fluids, etc. etc.  The other nine that I have lost have required me actually putting in some effort and returning to a more ketogenic diet.  The first plateau came and went, and I think I am think I am in another one now. UGH!

I'll be posting every so often with updates, successes and challenges...but blogging about it is definitely more for me to keep me accountable! ;) 

Below is a collage of my weekly gain during pregnancy!  At week 41 I still felt great, but man did I feel HUGE!

Here's my new progress pictures from 3 days, 3 weeks and 10 weeks post partum.  I will have to say I wish I had more progress from week 3 to week 10, but I'm not going to complain.  I feel pretty good with where I'm at, as well as pretty good with my game plan.