Negative Self Talk

Oh man...negative self-talk.  Probably one of the most seemingly harmless yet detrimental things we can do.  This used to be the ONLY way I talked to myself...however, I really wasn't even conscious of it.  Iboga really snapped me out of that and allowed me to become AWARE of it.  These days, I never speak to myself negatively, and I credit that to the fact that I am so conscious of it that I am able to stop myself before letting it even happen.

However, I just read an article on Collective Evolution this morning regarding self-talk and it talked about how worrying is a form of negative self-talk.  AH!  Worrying is still something that I work on, and now having the perspective that it's just another form of negative self-talk is amazing.  I think it will definitely help me to put a spin on my approach to combating my worrying thoughts and overcome them more quickly.

Anyways, I really wanted to share the full article with you, so check out the link below!  It's a quick read, and just about everyone can benefit...I promise!

"Be Careful What You Say:  The Effects Of Negative Self-Talk & How To Overcome It" By: Collection Evolution