Healing With Iboga: Cody's Personal Story

***New Update 6/22/17!  I just finished a book, "Healing With Iboga" about experience with iboga!  It includes information about what iboga is, my experience, and my tips to make the most of your experience as well as how to integrate back into everyday life!  Available in paperback or kindle!***


I've written about my own personal experiences with iboga, but I am of course just one person.  I am so excited to share another perspective!  I had the pleasure of e-mailing with Cody several times before he tried iboga for personal healing.  I asked if he would share his experience, and I am so happy he agreed!  I sent him a few questions and below you'll find his answers!  I hope you enjoy another anecdote to the powerful healing effects iboga has to offer!

 Q: Who are you, where are you from, what do you do....the basics!

A: I'm Cody 40 years old, living in Kelowna BC, Canada.  I drive a logging truck for a living, and in my spare time I enjoy the outdoors, motocross, snowmobiling, snowboarding, and the gym.

Q: Why did decide to try iboga?

A: I was first interested in ayahausca after learning about it from Aubrey Marcus, and Amber Lyon on The Joe Rogan Podcast. As I researched ayahausca I joined Amber's website reset.me and just by chance I went to the iboga section where I found [Holly's] story. As I read [her] story and [her] back story I felt like I was reading about myself. I could relate to [her] on so many levels. I started reading more about iboga and decide it was probably better for me and my problems than ayahausca.  I needed to let go of all the negative experiences of my past

Q: Were there other methods you tried to treat your symptoms prior to Iboga?

A: I tried antidepressants but didn't like the side effects, and they also made me feel numb to life.

Q: How did you find out about iboga and the center you went to?

A: I found out about iboga from podcasts like Joe Rogan, Aubrey Marcus, and Amber Lyon.  I was originally going to go to a center here in Canada that was aimed towards heroin addiction, but it was expensive, and I was cheap. I was almost going to go despite the price but chickened out last minute, and it just didn't feel right to me.  I decide to put iboga off for the winter because my work schedule is very busy. So this spring I started looking into iboga again, and just by chance when I googled iboga BC a new site had popped up.  It was a traditional iboga ceremony set in a rain forest, and it was only $800 (PERFECT).     

Q: What was your experience at the center like?

A: My experience at the ceremony was amazing, it was set in the coastal mountains of BC in the rain forest in a yurt.  The hosts Jeremy and Deanna were so warm, and welcoming and put whatever anxiety I had at ease.

 Q: What was iboga like?  What did you see? What did it feel like?

A: Iboga was intense; it took everything I didn't like about myself and hit me hard with reality and my future if I kept following my pattern of living. At one point I thought what's the point of living but looking back I realized iboga had to strip me down to nothing so I could build myself up again.

I didn't have any crazy visuals, and the ones I did have were kind of blurry. I did however have very dark, and negative thoughts more of day dreaming state without visuals. Its hard to explain.

Q: What was your biggest take away from iboga?

A: The biggest take away from iboga is that I've been my own worst enemy over the years.  That I hold on to my past negative experiences in life, and I also let other peoples' opinions of me dictate how I feel to the point of it becoming reality.

Q: What would you recommend to someone facing similar symptoms to you? Or to someone considering iboga?

A: I would definitely recommend iboga for some people with similar symptoms as me. For them to embrace it because they'll come out feeling a million times better.

I've actually recommended it too a few select friends for now.

Q: How are you incorporating it into your life now?

A: I've been reading books on self confidence, and self esteem. I've also been listening to podcasts like Alan Watts and The School of Greatness. I try to keep a positive vibe and mindset, and when I see negative energy in people or a situation I move on.

Q: What would you tell your pre-iboga self?

A: Stop holding on to the negative experiences of the past because it will ruin life in the present and the future. Learn and grown from them and move on.  

Q: What do you think the best way to prepare for iboga is?

A: I think the best way to prepare for iboga would be to read other people's experiences and to ask them questions (like I did with [Holly]). Also to embrace the journey leading up to it because it will be so much better afterwards.   

Q: How is it adjusting to life after iboga?

 A: Its been about 10 days since I've done my iboga journey.  I feel like Im on a natural high, that I'm unstoppable in what I want to achieve and accomplish in life. I hope this feeling doesn't wear off, but I feel this is how life is suppose to feel like when a person lets go of all the emotional negative self doubt experiences of the past.