Passage Of Time

Exactly one year ago today was my due date!  While Rory's first birthday isn't for another 11 days, October 28th will always have a notable mark in my mind.  I echo the cliche we often hear and think, "How has it already been a year?"  As we all know time passes quickly.  And those with kids know that it starts to pass even MORE quickly.  We often hear, "The days are slow but the years are fast."  But what I wonder is, what do we actively do to slow down the perception of this time?  I also wonder if time wouldn't feel like it was passing by so quickly if we weren't slaves to clocks and calendars...but that's for another day. Haha seems as though we are constantly living in the state of preparing for the next moment.  At least I know I do.  I often find myself thinking about the next thing.  When I'm in the shower I'm thinking about walking the dog.  When I'm walking the dog I'm thinking about making Rory breakfast.  As I'm making Rory breakfast I'm thinking about the tasks I'll complete while he naps.  And so the cycle continues.

Time never feels as slow as it does when I'm meditating.  15 minutes can feel like 30 minutes.  The moments I put my phone in a drawer and sit with Rory fully present can seem like forever.  It is in these moments of mindfulness that the perception of time elongates.  It can be SO hard to sit in the stillness and go within, but with practice it has made me crave it more.

I have been so guilty of packing every minute of my weekday with tasks and packing our entire weekend with activities.  But for what?  Being a slave to the clock and next activity is what makes the perception of time feel like a blur.

So if you're anything like me and wanting to make these moments last, join me on a continued journey of deepening mindfulness.  Put away your phone for periods of time.  Limit the scrolling on social media.  Make less plans.  Sit in the grass with your favorite person and talk about what you're grateful for.  There are so many ways to explore mindfulness and meditation without being in a seated position with your eyes closed.  I'm so far from perfect at this, but I work at it every day.  It's all about progress, not perfection.

And lastly, don't let fear of failure keep you from even trying.


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