First Year Of Parenthood

Happy 1st Birthday, Rory Emerson Stein!

To say this year has been transformational is an understatement!  So many high highs and low was everything that everyone told me it would be, but impossible to even remotely grasp it until you’ve lived it.  No matter how much things according to plan, it’s still a challenge.    

In my quest of conscious parenting, I knew this journey would challenge my personal growth if I allowed it.  It took months of resisting that uncomfortable change of growth, but leaning into it has stretched my being and allowed some of the biggest personal growth I’ve ever had.  And to be honest...I thought staying home with Rory would be like some sort of extended vacation, but being home has challenged me in ways I never thought possible.

I’ve narrowed down to my top gains:

  1. Mindful living:  I still have such a long ways to go, but staying home with him has provided daily opportunity to absorb his constant state of being present.  It’s been such an amazing opportunity to

  2. More comfort in being myself (without apology):  Having a baby comes with SO many decisions to be made...all of which will bring judgment from someone.  This has been such a strong lesson in, “You can’t please everyone” … so that concept has really allowed to step more into doing what we feel is best and not worry about what other people liberating!

  3. Embracing a slower paced lifestyle: THIS!  I have been fast paced my whole life and used to talk about my overflowing plate almost as if I was bragging about how busy I was.  This was probably the hardest adjustment for me.  I was seriously addicted to being productive and checking this off my to do list.  This past year has really taught me how to stop and smell the roses and embrace the quietness.  It was NOT EASY the first several months and only in this last month have I started to really enjoy it.

This last year has one of the most transformative of my life (probably tied with the year following my iboga experience), and I am grateful for every emotion that came with it...anger, frustration, sadness, happiness...every smile, laugh and tear.  These experiences have shaped the evolving soul that I am.

Rory has brought so much to our lives over the last 365 days.  I thank him for all of the joy he has brought to my life, but even more so for all growth he has brought.  Thank you for choosing us, Rory Emerson Stein!  

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