How Does Ketosis Work?

My husband and I have been following a ketogenic diet the last few years and we've stuck with it because of how amazing we've felt!  We certainly modify it here and there, but it's one of the best discoveries we've made in terms of improving our health in many facets!  We were super excited to find out a few months ago that a company called PruvIt has developed a product called Keto//OS that actually puts you into ketosis within 60 minutes, which is CRAZY...and AMAZING!  Watch this short video below to learn more about what ketosis is!

If you'd like to try some samples of this awesome supplement, click here to shoot me an email and I'd love to send you some!  As you know, spreading health is one of my passions, and I've loved the transformations and lifestyle changes that I've seen firsthand from so many people with this product!

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