The 7 Day Mental Diet

I am SO fortunate that a friend of ours sent us a surprise gift last weekend!  I'm used to Amazon boxes showing up just about every day, but when this one arrived I was a little puzzled because I couldn't recall anything that I had ordered.  When I opened it, it was two books, one being "The 7 Day Mental Diet" by Emmet Fox.  This book was super short so I decided to give it a read right away.  It's hardly what I would even call a book.  It's 22 pages total, and the actual text starts on page there you go.  About 15 small pages of have no reason not to give it a quick read! 

The book challenges you to go on a 7 day diet the way you would nutritionally, except swap out the donuts for negative thoughts.  It essentially follows the concept of "The Law of Attraction."

I couldn't believe how much I have improved negative thoughts when I was consciously on the mental diet.  I knew it was only 7 days, and I had to stick to it.  However, after a short 7 days, I felt better emotionally and it has become more habit now!  I can definitely see myself doing a 7 day mental diet as a cleanse every few months to keep myself in check.

At only $2.99 you have nothing to lose...give it a read and go on a diet!