Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Lactation Smoothie

I'm so fortunate that I have an abundant breast milk supply!  I am also very fortunate that I am able to use this abundance to pump for a baby in need.  She is a few weeks older than Rory and is allergic to all formulas, and unfortunately her mom is in a situation where she is unable to breastfeed due to latching issues (she had a lip and tongue tie) and low supply.  I am so grateful my midwife connected us because her whole family is amazing and we've started to build a friendship!

In my efforts to pump as much volume as I can, I have started increasing some lactation ingredients into my diet....and let me tell supply has certainly increased.  I take a fenugreek capsule every morning and include various versions of other lactation boosting foods.  One of my favorites is my lactation smoothie.  Well, favorite is the oatmeal chocolate chip cookies...but I can't sit around and eat cookies all day...not if I want to get back into pre-baby shape!

The lactation boosting ingredients in this smoothie are the ground flax, brewers yeast and oats.  When introducing any of these ingredients, including the fenugreek, start slow!  If you go too big too fast, it could lead to engorgement.  I hope you enjoy this smoothie as much as I do!

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Ingredients: (I’ve updated the ingredients as of 7/17/19 as my knowledge of nutrition has deepened!)

Blend using a high powered blender.  We have a BlendTec

* Watch out for cashews if you have gut issues, especially SIBO! Also, never use soy unless it’s organic! Even still, I avoid soy products unless it’s fermented

** Liquid stevia has antimicrobial properties! Also, I have eliminated the natural sweetener xylitol that I originally used because I recently learned that it is not beneficial for gut health