How To Make Passive Income on Etsy - NO Crafting or Design Skills Needed!

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STEP 1: Go to Etsy and sign up for an account and create a shop

  • Etsy will make you upload one listing to open your shop.  I just uploaded a random photo and just clicked through to publish the listing to get the shop open, and then deleted it later

STEP 2: Sign up for an account on Printful ***

  • Click on the tab “STORES”

  • Click on the box that says “Choose Platform”

  • Click on “Etsy” and then click “Connect to Etsy” and type in your login info

*** In exchange for this amazing free info, I would love if you could sign up with Printful through my affiliate link so I can receive a small bonus to my account!***

STEP 3: Adding listings

**** You will want to add your listings through PRINTFUL for them to integrate properly.  After uploading the listings on Printful, they will show up in Etsy under “drafts”

  • Click on “Stores” tab

  • Next to the store name click “ADD” underneath “Product Sync”

  • Select the type of product you want

  • Upload design (choose colors, sizes, etc. as applies)

  • Click “Proceed to Mockups” and select which mock up photos you’d like to show up

  • Click “Proceed to description”

    • I personally fill in this part in the Etsy drafts

  • Click “Proceed to Pricing” and input the pricing you’d like

    • I also leave the “Product Sections” blank and select in the Etsy drafts

  • Click “Submit To Store”

    • The listing will then appear in Etsy under your “drafts”

STEP 4: Publishing Listings

  • Click on the listing in your draft and edit the following:

    • Add a better mock up photo (recommended)

    • Update the TITLE, DESCRIPTION, TAGS (see tips below)

    • Fill in the other attributes (optional)

    • Leave anything that Printful has filled out for you as it is



    • For designs, you can make basic designs on - I do 5000x5000 pixels and download them as PNGs with a transparent background

    • If you don’t want to create your own designs, you can search for SVG files on Etsy.  A ton of shops allow for “Commerical Use” meaning that you can use their designs to sell on mugs, shirts, phone cases, etc.

  • SEO:

    • The SEO for your titles and tags is INSANELY important.  Starla Moore is a great resource for information. Below are a few youtube videos I would say are mandatory to watch

    • Etsy Rank is also an insanely valuable resource.  It’s $9.99 and has made it super easy to feel confident in my keywords and tags.  The owner suggests picking keywords in the MEDIUM rank for Competition/Demand


    • Because it can take so long to research tags and titles, I recommend uploading multiple mugs at a time in the same niche.  For example, if I’m uploading mugs about golf, I’ll upload 5-10 golf mugs.

      • I will upload all the mugs into Printful and then go and bulk edit the tags/titles/descriptions in Etsy.

      • In Etsy drafts there will be a box in the top left corner to “select” all listings.  From there, you click the “Editing Options” drop down. You can then bulk edit tags, titles, descriptions, etc.


    • There are a TON of mock ups available for purchase on Etsy.  I bought a set of 10 blank white mugs ( and then overlay my designs on Canva onto the mugs for the thumbnail images.  I got all of my t-shirt mockups on Etsy.

SEO YOUTUBE VIDEOS: Watch anything and everything by Starla Moore!

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